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German for what could essentially be translated as 'Super Soldier'. Typically used in the modern to describe theorized bionically or genetically enhanced soldiers.

Written in German likely to emphasize the general public distaste for the topic and liken it to the Nazi 'uberkind'.
The "Bionic Man" might have been a patriot, but he was still an ubersoldat.
by Heresiarch April 12, 2005
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project the Germans were working on in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. basically they could decimate the entire world, too bad the turned on their creators. Heinrich Himmler was in charge of this projekt.

zyg hyil
project ubersoldat was meant to destroy the allies
by Nikolai Diavlo December 01, 2006
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The elitest cs: source player ever, in a clan called sin.
omg UberSoldat is so leet.
by ai2uga April 07, 2005
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Should'nt Insult people such as "Npie" (Search "Npie" to see what i mean) Ubersoldat is acctully the fatpie.....

Ubersoldat means "Shit, and never better"
by Cthulhu March 30, 2005
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