add uber to any word as a pre-fix and it automatically makes the word super, or extra.
Person 1:"My mate pratices with his band every day"
Person 2: " wow they must be uberkeen"
"I've just been to spain, and it was uberhot!"
by Voltan Stonkfire September 30, 2003
Top Definition
A dictionary containing every word and phoneme in every communication system that has ever existed.
Please refer to the uberdictionary when researching the relationship between the signals for "look out!" in both Australopithecus and the Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker.
by bub September 26, 2003
n00b manner of spelling überdictionary

überdictionary is a l33t name for urbancictionary

even more l33t is

this site
by waffle October 02, 2003
Dictionary with more uber.
This is a uberdictionary.
by GG September 29, 2003
The ultimate dictionary that has all unkown words in it defined, kinda like but better.
Duude, only the uberdictionary would have that word
by Emma September 27, 2003
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