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A skill that the medic in "Team fortress 2" has.
It makes your healing target invulnerable for a short period of time.
"Ubercharge me as soon as the gates open!"
by Acegikmo January 02, 2008
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Red Style:
2 part Champagne
3 part Cranberry Juice
splash of Triple Sec
splash of Peach Schnapps

Blu Style:
1 part Curacao
1 part Vodka
3 part Lemonade
splash of Triple Sec
splash of Peach Schnapps

either on the rocks or with a bit of jello (called Krit)

Non alcoholic? See Megaheal, wuss.

Customs for drinking the Ubercharge are as follows.
Ordering an Ubercharge:

Customer Carl: Charge me doc
Bartender Bob: How do ya want it?
Carl: on the rocks
Bob: Jawhol.
*carl finishes drink*
Carl: MEDIC!!
*bob refills glass*
by An astrophysicist September 14, 2013
To pound a Corona and drinking a shot right after. This is thought to be cool by Team Fortress fighters.
E-Hey Alex ubercharge me! Ubercharge me now...
(Alex ubercharges)
E-Yeah nice ubercharge...
by Bo Gibson November 02, 2007

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