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When a silent and an embarrassed person gets so drunk that he starts to act funny(e.g. dancing, stripping, vomiting, singing, etc.). the act is often followed by the person denying that he was drunk.
-arthur was uber social last night
-no he was just drunk
arthur: i wasn't drunk, didn't you see my ninja reflexes?
by vercamer May 15, 2012
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it is a term used for the one person in the partie who had to much to drink and is now dancing, flirting, rocking the boat and even puking althow he/she usually is the quiet one
*arthur was drunk last night
-yeah, he was uber social
*no, he wasn't he was just pissdrunk
-well did you see him perform his ninja skills???
by D2theV2thecamer June 18, 2012
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