Top Definition
Pronounced OO-bin
1. A top-quality but little known venue or product; a "best kept secret"
2. Rumored to be the real first name of Falcon, an LA-based tattoo artist.
Joe's Shanghai has decent Chinese food but it's a tourist trap. Try the place two doors down, that one's an uben.
by cardamom October 19, 2007
When a person has a really bendy cock like at a right angle or a u-turn or something
That kid can f*** himself because he got a massive Uben.

right angle turn in dick=Uben
by check me out (: October 24, 2009
uben is someone who is uber foonky but a pansy

ubens are very rare so if you find one look after them
that boy over there is uben
by reuben cameron September 24, 2006
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