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A man with long hair, he contains a laser which he uses to save people from destruction. He also travels through time in a little green box.
Woa did you see Ube? He just flew over and payed for my bus ride!
by Ube Leopoldo April 29, 2008
6 16
Upper Black Eddy Pa a little hick town that trys to hold down the dope game wut wut
nigga i kick it in the UBE son and we slang crack ery day
by Rick Nasty March 26, 2008
7 17
Ultimate Bonding Experience

(with friends you haven't seen for a long time. it usually lasts for one whole day or a weekend getaway.)
we went to las vegas and it was our best ube ever!
by popopopopo July 05, 2007
7 18