Variation of the word "uber", which is German for super. Can be used in front of an adjective, to indicate an extremity of it, or can be used as an adjective by itself.
1. That party was uba tight.
2. That weed was the uba.
by Merc February 03, 2004
a person branded a pleasure machine which when use satisfis the woman beyond her wildest dreams.
OMG, my boyfriend is such an uba
by Everybodydrunk. July 24, 2009
Being gangster in Bergen/norway! also be preferred with Gangsters that has a good way of clothing and of living thug life
Hey man ! ur so cool! you GOT to be a UBA !
by Adem Kollen March 10, 2011
Unnecessary Black Attention - any and all loud, obnoxious, stereo-type justifying actions done to cause attention to be drawn toward a substantially large crowd of black people.
(from a mile away)

Ay man, chill out... that's a lotta UBA! But uhh, sure!
by GL0Graphics September 22, 2010
Stands for unecessary bitchyness alert.
Why did she have to say that? UBA!
by threesnapsinzformation March 24, 2011
Acronym for Upper ball area. The masculine version of FUPA. Is often further specified as ruba or luba (right/left), especially in the case of intense pain from being kicked in the groin. Can also be used as a descriptor for foul smells.
Example 1:

"Dude, your apartment smells like my sweaty ruba"

Example 2:
Female - That guy's uba is spilling over his pants, disgusting!"
by mondotronix March 08, 2012
pronounced uh-buh

Acronym for Ultra Bad Ass. (sarcastically

word invented by Rush Morris
Robert- I just downloaded some music.... illegally!
John- wow, thats so UBA
by Ubauba October 04, 2009

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