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uFester is a condition, with symptoms as follows; Losing your wife and then spending the rest of your life trying to pickup women who are blind enough to not see how pathetic your life really is. This condition is also commonly connected with a need to tell people about the circles you travel in; when the only true circle is the tailspin your life is in, like being trapped in a rotary with your car. It is also associated with whininess, where you whine to women about poor me. This has been diagnosed as two possible problems. 1. You truly feel this is the only way for you to get women, normally because of low self esteem; correction for this is major counseling. 2. You’re running a game in order to lure women in to feel sorry for you; correction for this is also major counseling. The last telltale sign of uFester is; the difference between yourself and a homeless drunk is the home!
A sad sack of a chatter stalking in masturbation rooms of Yahoo seeking any female between 5 and 90 that will pay any attention to him.
by Barry White February 09, 2005
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