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A crack dealer who sells real estate and just won fear factor and with the money he won he accuired the words biggest rock.

"Thank ya teacher bitch"-tyrone biggums
by stuart June 19, 2006
97 46
The world's most beloved crackhead, seen on Chapelle's Show
"It's called crack. It's great! All you need to make it is some cocaine, baking powder, and I think I tasted egg and cinnamon." -Tyrone Biggums
by bigjimdx May 27, 2005
59 10
Tyrone Biggums, aka Ashton, was arrested by the FBI for making bomb threats. He is well known for tea bagging anal cavities.
Tyrone Biggums says: "Imma tea bag your anal cavity."
by Delicious_Cake June 10, 2009
16 45