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Registering domain names that are deliberately designed to leverage off other companies' trademarks, including those that have names that are incorrectly spelled versions of companies' domains.
The company was accused of typosquatting the domain names and
by Nina_Williams August 24, 2006
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say you want to search on for,,,, (or any other website with correct spelling names,) and you misspell the proper name such as,, (because you don't know the correct spelling) you are directed to porn sites or spyware.
and most of these typos are done by children who are under the age of 18...see also cyber-squatters
Man1: Let's see if I can get some information on the band "metallica" on "google", how do u spell "metallica", is it 1 "T" and 2 L's or is it 2 T's and 1 "L"...i hope i don't get any typo-squatting porn websites....
by blthrskt November 03, 2005
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