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"Typlexia is a rare, incurable disease whose scientific name is 'kebordium typlexia'.

This devastating condition causes its sufferers to misspell and mistype words which they know perfectly well how to spell. In a sense, typlexia is a little bit like a written form of Tourette's syndrome."

Note: The proper spelling for the word is typlexia; typelexia (notice the extra e) is defined as how a person suffering with typlexia might mis-type the disease.
Typelexia nervosa occurs in nearly half of all typlexia keybordium sufferrers. This variant is a mutation of the typlexia keyboridum disease which usually only strikes web developers and Instandt Messenger program users. When in a hurry, typlexia nervosa sufferers mis-type nearly ever common word imaginebale.

There is no known cuere for eeither variation of the disease, however htere are wasy to treat the symptoims.
by Angela Buraglia October 05, 2007
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