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Stands for "typical filipino"

The filipino's that are "tumblr famous" , have talent , and have "swag"

They are also very into their religion.
Oh you have a tumblr? Ofcourse, you're a typflip!
by tumblrfamous5ever December 28, 2011
It's short for "typical Filipino"

A typical Filipino consists of...
For boys:
- A fitted hat
- nerd glasses
- v-necks, neon/bright colored shirts, branded (stussy) shirts
- colored skinny jeans
- a nice pair of kicks (nikes, jordans etc.)

For girls:
- curly hair?
- nerd glasses
- Forever 21 clothing
- colored skinny jeans
- gladiator shoes
- a nice pair of kicks (nikes, jordans etc.)

They usually hang out in the mall.
I was walking around the Americana at Brand today when I saw this whole mob of Typ Flip cuties walking into Forever 21.
by June 08, 2010
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