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v. typefucked, typefucking, typefucks
v. intr.

1. To attain sexual arousal through text-based communication generally between two people using digital mediums.
2 Informal. to appear to flirt with another via text-bsed mediums: busy typefucking all night with the user.


1. A session in which one attempts to attain sexual arousal through typefucking: it wasn't the best typefuck.
2. Somebody whom one might typefuck: he is a pretty good typefuck.

-- crude derivative of tinysex
"A friend of mine and i decided to typefuck one day; he was just about the worst typefuck i've ever seen."
by the letter n December 03, 2005
1.To mistype something and fuck yourself.

2.To type and send drunk something that you should neither say or type.
1. sorry about that :P
The addition of the smiley could easily have been a typefuck

2. Status: I love men
indended status ; I love men in black - Tommy Lee Jones is great

In both examples the typee (usually posting on the internet)
by thenumber_6 October 19, 2011
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