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Stands for: thank you for trny
Often used in Yahoo! game lobbys after a tournament has been run, thanking the host for... well hosting it lol
Host: trny closed, thx all for playing and gl later ;)
Player: tyft man
by lee2j June 23, 2004
7 24
too young for tits

A synonym for overdeveloped young girls.
"Jeez that girl's definitely tyft man."
by Sidious1980 June 17, 2012
13 0
too young for tits
That girl is 12, she is tyft
by Pltnm June 10, 2012
6 0
Take you're Fucking Time
A: BRB gonna f**** myself
B: tyft
A: -.-
by XRiMoX June 30, 2011
4 22