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An insult for a guy who is half-Jewish (generally used if their father is Jewish). Is meant to imply that they are only half-circumcised.

A stereotype of twoskins is they have "Reverse Jew Syndrome", wherein they are susceptible to blatant rip-offs.
You bought a can of soda for five dollars? You're such a twoskin.
by Thomas Hutchinson February 01, 2007
11 0
The skill of sticking two small Rizla (cigarette papers) together which are then used to roll a larger Spliff.
Dam I've lost my kings, I'll have to stick a two skin.

Dude don't be stingey, roll a two skin.
by NorfolkWeed July 15, 2008
12 3
A penis with little foreskin.
When Nick whipped out his penis for biology, he said that he had foreskin. However, the teacher corrected him by stating that his foreskin is actually only two skin.
by Alexei The Russian December 15, 2008
8 1