An extension of the word twonk, which can be used to describe someone who is being a twonk. Can be combined with the word shit to give an effective offensive word, Twonker-shit.
You utter twonker

You utter twonker-shit
by Squid December 12, 2004
Top Definition
a cross between a twat and a wanker.
Used in blind rage when angry bald people cant even talk properly.
"you stole my anal intrusive dildo you twonker!"
by plack_uk March 23, 2005
Natural extension to the twonk twonk definitions.

Used to refer to persons acting in twonk or twonkish mode

singular form: "Oi you Twonker!"

or plural "What are you bleeding twonkers doing in the road?" ("Nothing officer we were just twonking around")

by DomCornerLeone July 10, 2008
Fans of Perfect Pete Bennett (Musician and winner of big brother 7)
The term Twonkers first started on Pete Bennetts Fansite as a joke by members of the chatroom. The name has spread and now covers the huge army of Pete fans accross the country.
Scottish Twonkers are known as the Tartan Twonkers
The Twonkers will be out in force for Petes gigs
by Bilboboy February 05, 2007
one who twonks, a twonk is a punch to the vagina
Alice gave Tiffany a twonk with all her might
by Bob Hope February 28, 2005
one who is giving a twonk, a twonk being a punch to the vagina
Alice twonked Tiffany with all her might
by Bob Hope February 28, 2005
A dump when turds fly out hitting the water making a "twonk" sound.
I just took a massive twonker and now my butt is wet.
by fartfartfarter June 14, 2008
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