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Twomped- The past tense version of the word twomp. To twomp is a special way to rapidly thrust the penis in and out of a womans vagina creating slight friction combined with the naturally moist envirnonment to stimulate the sexual organs. Twomping however can only be acheived by a man who is highly skilled in the art. For it to be considered twomping the man must shift his hips in a certain manner that causes multiple orgasms and g-spot stimulation to the woman putting her into a euphoric state of hypnotism. Twomping for more than three minutes can create a pleasure overload that can possibly cause an epileptic seizure. The side effect of bieng properly twomped is a need to shower the man with expensive gifts and stalk him. If a man properly twomps a woman then cuts off relations with her it can put her into a deep psycotic state of depression where she may ultimately foam at the mouth and attemp murder and or suicide.
Yo I twomped Kisha the other night and she squirted all over me dude but since I never called her back she shot her dog because it barked too loud.
by E. Nash February 09, 2007
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