rims 20 inches or above
" man that Lac on sum serious twomps"
by JB_GRIMEY December 13, 2005
two hot girls, as in two dimes
you check out that twomp, nigga, the one of the left has amazing boobs and the one on the right got back
by that nigga from da bay March 31, 2007
A substitute word for "twenty".
"I'll see you in twenty minutes" -> "See ya in a twomp, biznatch."

"The kick returner has signaled for a fair catch, so we're going to start from the twenty yard line." -> "He was too scurred to run, so we goin' to the twomp line, biznatches."

"May I please buy a half-eighth?" -> "Gimme a twomp sack, biznatch."
by Azaz the Unabridged November 24, 2006
A really large shit. Because of its original meaning as twenty, we can think of it as ten times a normal deuce (a little shit).
Shiiiiiit, part of DaJuan's giant vertical twomp was stickin out of the toilet, I almost smeared my ass with it by accident (no homo).
by TheBron June 06, 2005
a twenty dollar bill. Jackson's on it.

"tw" + "awh" + "mp".
I threw down a twomp.
by oak park kitties December 14, 1999
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