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1)n. Thief
2)ac., Taking Without Owners Consent. The word twocer originates from the acronym TWOC.
The car was taken by a dirty twocer.
by Little Liz November 26, 2003
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n. from twoc; a person who commits acts of theft.

While it's a pretty general description, it's usually applied to pubescent kids from a lower-class background. Examples can be found loitering in groups (they're rarely seen alone) in areas where security guards won't chase them away in most British towns on weekends.

They can be easily identified by their appearance; a cap (either NY Yankees or fake Burberry) covering hair plastered down with too much gel; a face in dire need of some Clearasil; a hoodie, probably in a light colour and sporting the logo of a major sporting-goods manufacturer (so obviously not skater-wear); a pair of tracksuit (see tracksuit monkeys) bottoms tucked securely into their socks to a) show off their trainers (no matter how lame they are) and b) allow them to drop any small items they steal down their pants safe in the knowledge that they won't fall out the bottom.
Ugh; check out the twocers hanging around Woolworths waiting for the security guard to go away so they can put some pick-n-mix down their pants.
by Seej January 24, 2004
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