steal; rob
contraction of Taking Without Consent
Originally used on UK police documents
by cracky March 01, 2003
Top Definition
The term 'TWOC' is an acronym for 'Taken Without Owners Consent’ (Taken can be replaced also with 'take') apparently originally used on police documentation, the term has become a popular part of conversation amongst the younger community. The word can be used as simply 'TWOC' or 'TWOC'ed', depending on the situation. The people most likely to be found using this word are young anti-social vandals.
"See that van there?...i'm gonna TWOC it"

"y'know what bill, fuck off. I TWOC'ed your car yeah, but jesus, i haven't heard the FUCKING last of it!"
by Richard Belk July 19, 2006
taken without owners concent
"see that bike im gonna twoc that"
by Paul Freeman October 13, 2003
the act of stealing a car or the stolen vehicle;

1. taking without owners consent

2. the stolen vehicle itself
look at that chav in the rover metro, i bet it's a twoc
by kennob July 07, 2009
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