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Someone who can be nice as pie one minute & a backstabbing bitch the next.
I was shocked to see the two-faced bitch in Marla come out at the bar. She was really nice to one gal & as she turned away, & whispered to me how "I can't stand that bitch." She was being a two~faced bitch!
by Starchylde June 07, 2016
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1. a girl who displays both qualities of an amiable friend and a cold-hearted bitch while interchangeably switching between both moods.
If you're reading this definition and know who you are, you're a two-faced bitch who doesn't deserve my friendship!
by find_me February 13, 2005
a two faced bitch is a female who yew think is your friend and yew tell her everything then her hoe ass goes around and tells everyone all yo cool-aid
i told paisley all my business think'n she would keep her big fat dick suckin lips shut but boy i was wrong she told just about the whole school and i wanted to beat her ass she is a two-faced bitch!!
by jellie96 December 15, 2009
One minute they are your friends, but then decide to follow the crowd and try to bring you down.
august 2009:
Mary: Omfg your my best friend rachel! i love you and i always will.
Kathy: Me too i love you rachel dearest!
Rachel: Omg same here ily mary and kathy!
Savvy: Wow..
October 2009:
Mary: Your such a bitch but i cant tell you what you did because you know. you slut.
Kathy: i saw that razor. you should just kill yourself.
Katie:I do not know what i did!!
Savvy: Mary , kathy you guys are twofacedbitches
by [prohmise] October 19, 2009
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