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When a male has not ejeculated or has not had an orgasm in two days he has what is known as a "two-dayer" or "loaded gun". Two-dayers can frequently occur when the subject is on a family vacation or traveling with a large group of friends. The subject which possesses the "two-dayer" often withdrawals themselves from the social context as they desperately seek solitude. The subject becomes grumpy and highly irritable. Oftentimes the "two-dayer" results in what is known to be a very sticky situation.
Joe - "I can't wait till my flight lands and I am back at home. I got a two-dayer, this vacation isn't even fun anymore."

Tommy - "I got to go back to the hotel. All these girls in swimsuits and I got a two dayer. Someone shoot me."

Context: Two men sharing the same hotel
Mike - "Chris, why are you taking your ipad into the shower with you?"
Chris - "I got a two-dayer."
by ChillBro July 31, 2014
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A bad hangover which results in 2 days of hell. The first day is gone and a complete blur. The second is the traditional hung over day.
My friends from college came up, drank until 4 in the morning and the debauchery resulted in a two-dayer from hell. I was fired on monday and wasn't told until Tuesday, which I thought was monday.
by I think I'm still 21 January 11, 2010

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