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Like skanking, skank pits, etc. but at a hardcore show. It's usually more aggressive and faster.
did you see that guy two step?
by Spencer Young August 14, 2005
An act of hardcore dancing where boys in tight pants do a lowsy sort of can can
Are you sure he's two stepping?
by Your_B3St Fr13nD October 28, 2007
Two-stepping is sort of like the scene version of skanking, it involves looking like a bit of a fool, but thats all in the name of music so its all good ahoy there pirates!
To two step you must complete the following:
One foot must be dragged back then kicked sharply forwards to the side.
This should cross over your other leg.
Your other foot should then proceed to the same.
This should be repeated until a regular balance is found.
Once you have became a two-stepping master, you may add random swinging arm movements, this will make you look realllllyyyy cool.
If you wish to impress your overly pierced buddies, you may do this in a mosh pit whislt moving in a circular motion. Very cool.

Intense practice is advised before performing in public.
Thankyou, goodnight.
Scene kid: Wow, you can two step.
Scene kid 2: Well, sure I can. I learnt how to on urban dictionary.

by Cheesecake. March 06, 2009
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