A chick so ugly you put one bag over her head, and another bag over your dog's head so he doesn't lose respect for you.
Last night I had me a two bagger, and the dog suffocated.
by mnx October 06, 2005
A chick so nasty ugly that you have to put two bags over her head during sex just in case she chews through the first one.
My roommate usually only lands two-baggers
by Shih Ninja May 28, 2004
A two bagger is a chick with a rockin' body, but a face that looks like it was beaten with an ugly stick. There are two principal reasons why someone would be called a two bagger. The most common reason is that a gentleman should be able to place one bag over her head and still enjoy the sexual experience, but for good measure will place another bag over his own head in case the aforementioned bag falls off the two bagger. Additionally, should a friend walk into the room while a sexual act with a two-bagger is occurring, the gentleman performing the act will be assured that his identity is protected.
Shawn: "Hey bud, you were a little drunk last night at the bar! If I was as drunk as you, I would have gone home with that butt ugly chick you were talking to! Did you put a bag over her head?"

Todd: "Bud, I would have used one bag, but she was definitely a two bagger."
by ajgutterbags April 27, 2011
When you put a bag over a woman's head during sex plus one over yours in case hers comes off
Shes so ugly, shes definitely a two bagger
by Marcy R November 06, 2006
A girl so ugly you put two bags over her head just in case the first one falls off.
"Look at that two-bagger"
by BanderaIVVI January 19, 2005
A very repulsive woman. An ugly ho. A girl you need 2 paper bags on her head, in case the first one falls off.
My God, man! The Troylet you were talking to is a real two-bagger!
by irekev September 04, 2005
A woman who is *so* ugly, you'd put two bags over her head when having sex, in case one ripped or fell off.

See bagger.
Man, she's a *real* two-bagger...
by bertie wooster January 06, 2006
when you are having sex with a real ugly person and you need two bags, one for there head and one for yours incase there bag falls off
whow she's a two bagger
by hilly February 01, 2007

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