Sharing a cigarette between two people
"Do you want a cigarette?"
"Nah, i'll just two's you instead"
by little sister of eluria July 01, 2006
A secret society whom a group of people belong to who worship trolleys and Scientology. No you may not join this group, and no you may not destroy this group. They will remain unknown to the public eye whilst continuing their kr3w and you will like it.
This kr3w consists of the most br00tal beings around. They ride around in trolleys & pray to celebrities. Group hugs are also known to be frequent with this fine specimen of people. The 'pimp hat' is also rumoured to be a religious article in this kr3w. TWOS are also often reffered to 'station rats' or 'scum' and are known to rid boronia & the basin of what they deem to be "the non believers".
TWOS are too poor to buy any form of alcohol. This is why they buy V. There are people who have allegedly seen these people victimise cans of V on public & private property. If you see this kind of behaviour, from people who you believe could be TWOS, please contact your local police, as they are wanted for defamation of property and abuse of V cans.
These people are said to spend their time on urban dictionary, looking up hxc words, that only they are radical enough to use. This is why it is so easy for them to verbally rape you all.
TWOS are supreme!

Dayumm, them TWOS mother fuckers sure are a trippy group, aren't they?

I wish I could be in that kr3w, I mean, they are supreme and so freakin' HXC.
by [TWOS] August 09, 2008
The number of Hot Pockets in a box of Hot Pockets.
Hey kelly, let's get some Hot Pockets. We could get a box of two to split so we'd each get one!
by Hmoneyyy April 13, 2006
Pronounced: T woe

Proper street pronunciation of the number 2.
Yo bro, you know I likes the t-wo sugars in my coffee.

I'll be right back, I gots to drop a number t-wo... fives!
by wass September 12, 2005
When a cigarette is shared and smoked equally by two persons.
Bob: "gimme a cigarette mate"
Fred: "this is my last one, but I'll twos you up on it"
by NufNufNicky February 05, 2014
Refers to a girl who you have on the side.

You have a wife or steady girlfriend - she is your (#) One.

The girl on the side or the one you stash away - she is your (#) Two.

Commonly used by musicians to describe the girls "on the road."

In some cases, even if you have no "number one," a random hookup or a girl who will never be considered for the "one" spot, can also be considered a "two."

Also referred to as "doing the two."
"My wife/girlfriend isn't around, time to find me a two."

"You gonna do the two tonight?"

"Where my two's at?"
by Metal Maven August 10, 2013
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