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Not only to give a shit, or a fuck... but to actually give two shits and a fuck.

Usually used as an expression of sarcasm when you couldn't give any less than you already don't.
Joe: Hey man, check this out, I upgraded my character to Scroto on the game...

Dave: Wow... I could give two shits and a fuck about that... no... really... go swallow a knife and die.
by D.J. B May 05, 2007
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A enhancement of the popular terms for Two shits, Give a fuck and Give a shit. All of these terms used to describe how much you don't care.

When you tell someone that you could give two shits and a fuck about something you are telling them that you not only don't care, but you are in fact angry that they even wasted precious time in your life by giving you the information that they have told you.

Basically a sarcastic way of telling some one that you really could care less about them and/or anything that is coming out or their mouth.
1. My boyfriend broke up with me because I cheated on him.

2. Honestly, you're a whore and I could give two shits and a fuck less if you haven't noticed.
by _Shaybear_ June 06, 2011
A reaction to a very unlikable situation that could possibly make or break your life
Person A: I just cheated on my boyfriend with the most popular guy in school!

Person B: This is so exciting but bad at the same time!

Person A: Two shits and a fuck!
by ConjointedTwins June 17, 2009

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