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word used to describe someone whose name you don't want to say out loud, for someone you feel contempt for or someone who you find to be worthless and a waste of good oxygen.
Tony G: I really need help with this equipment.
Jim C: I know a guy, but he works for that twizzledick. The job up the street.
Tony G: ??

Tony G: Oh, you mean Bruce?
Jim C: That's him.
Tony G: You're right, he is. I'll give that twizzledick a call.
by Mark Louis Webb January 07, 2011

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Noun: A penis that is shaped like a twizzler
Adj: The quality of being extraordinarily timid but loyal to one's peers despite the abuse suffered from them, and will often get the courage to buck up, yet easily reminded again of their twizzledickness.
Now get in the kitchen and fetch me some twizzlers, but not that kind, you twizzledick fucker.
by Nope October 08, 2003