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1)to be completely enamored with someone/something.
2) the flighty exciting feeling you get when you think about/see the object of your affection.
3) romantically excited (i.e.: aroused)
4) the ever increasing acceleration of heartbeat and body temperature as a result of being engulfed amidst the exhilaration and joy of being/having a romantic entity in someone's life.
When he smiled at her, the rush of warm, fuzzy, excited sensations that filled her made her realize she was completely twitterpated with this man.
by Amber March 25, 2003
1) Letting everyone know, on Twitter, about all the annoying cutesy things you and your new love do.
2) Sending love thoughts to your new love on Twitter for us all to see (and eventually become annoyed by).
See also: Twittiot
4) Assuming Everyone is in love with you and need to read on Twitter about your every new thought and goal for the day. (also see: Twittiot)
3) This can also mean "Falling in Love" according to Disney Fans.
Definition 1) Jane Twitters everytime she's thinking about her long kiss in the moonlight. She's Twitter-Pated.
Definition 4) Jenny feels the need to tell us about her random thoughts on how to be a better worker and how we should all work as hard as she does to help the environment.
#twitter #love #online #twittiot #info #unnecessary
by MoDacious-AltaLoma April 07, 2009
Becoming constipated after using Twitter for long durations of time, or too often.
Bob: "I spent fifteen hours on Twitter, and now I feel really constipated."
Joe: "Dude, you're Twitterpated!
#twitter #constipated #constipation #ouch #tweet
by Andremeria September 09, 2014
In a relationship, being totally into one another - to the point of being goofy. Especially a new relationship. infatuated, besotted, lovesick

source: Rebecca L. of Montana
Look at that guy, he is twitterpated with her. . He smiles all the time, can't stop talking about her, always texting or calling her. That boy is whipped.
#infatuated #besotted #lovesick #whipped #relationship
by Rob G. aka theTexasWolf October 07, 2015
To be absolutely in love with one another. Over the stars and skies, world series kinda thing ( universe ) Butterflies and non stop smiling. JLS BDK
Babe, i was twitterpated the minute I met you
#love #jls #twitterpated #universe #butterflies
by BDK JLS December 30, 2010
1. completely and totally obsessed with Twitter.
2. constantly checking/updating Twitter
Alanna's completely Twitter-pated. She's always online.
#twitter #obsessed #obsession #update #online
by Iustì September 04, 2009
Originating from WALT DISNEY'S BAMBIE-The feeling your new girlfriend has when you first start going out and before she loses interest in you and doesnt want to talk about things apon finding out that she's moving to a different state. She will then find a new man behind your back who can supply her with a much better long distance relationship and find that he makes her much more twitter-pated than you did. she is then NO LONGER TWITTER-PATED by you. (SEE ALSO: horny, indecicive, unwilling, secretive)
"I got really twitter-pated when that hot guy drove buy with his nice car."
"Yesterday i felt really twitter-pated by him, but not today."
"Hmmm. I was twitter-pated when i first saw you but not now that i've gotten to know that you arent perfect..."
#twitter-pated #horny #indecicive #not in love #two sided
by bbrooks March 10, 2009
When a person becomes violent because of reading a post written about them on the social media/networking site Twitter.
After what that bitch said on twitter I became so twitterpated I had to beat her ass!
#twitter #violence #fighting #social media #social networking
by Pariahnola1 September 28, 2013
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