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The popular social networking service Twitter is sweeping the pop culture in record numbers. Ashton Kutcher and Perez Hilton have a swarm of followers which are referred to as "Twitter Lambs" that beckon to every update they receive via SMS on the application Twitter; online or by cell phone. Each "Twitter Lamb" then re-tweets "RT" back their thoughts to the sender.
PerezHilton: "Omg guys. I love being gay!!"

smilyboi125: "RT @PerezHilton omg me too!!"

gay4lifeboy: "RT @PerezHilton you are 2 hot!!"

curiousbiGuy: "RT @PerezHilton I need some attention here, kinda hot for you."

PerezHilton: "I love my Twitter Lambs, shots on me in West Hollywood tonight!"
by designer_trig May 12, 2009
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