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2 definitions by designer_trig

Similar to "Chick Flick" but this definition serves to the gay film community. Gay titles include Cut Sleeve Boys, Dog Tags, No Regret, and so on. Most titles are filled with gay drama, comedy, coming out of the closet, and finding love.
Nick: (on phone) Hello, Gina OMFG I got some wine coolers you up for Gay Fav's tonight?
Gina: I'll make popcorn and we can have a movie marathon tonight. I'm so over chick flicks!
Nick: I know right! Gay Fav is the new pink. See you in a few Gina!
by Designer_trig April 25, 2009
The popular social networking service Twitter is sweeping the pop culture in record numbers. Ashton Kutcher and Perez Hilton have a swarm of followers which are referred to as "Twitter Lambs" that beckon to every update they receive via SMS on the application Twitter; online or by cell phone. Each "Twitter Lamb" then re-tweets "RT" back their thoughts to the sender.
PerezHilton: "Omg guys. I love being gay!!"

smilyboi125: "RT @PerezHilton omg me too!!"

gay4lifeboy: "RT @PerezHilton you are 2 hot!!"

curiousbiGuy: "RT @PerezHilton I need some attention here, kinda hot for you."

PerezHilton: "I love my Twitter Lambs, shots on me in West Hollywood tonight!"
by designer_trig May 12, 2009