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A term for the looser of a Twitter fight when they subjugate their ignorance in a tweet and/or ultimately choose to follow you first.

When you deliberately don't follow someone as an act of superiority.

When you unfollow someone and they start following you to try and get you to follow again.

(Not to be confused with twit-bitch, twat or twit. There's a reason for the two "T"'s
I irrefutably blasted his mistake, he tweeted that I "may have a point" and then started following me ergo I just made him my twittbitch.

I don't follow guys back, they're my twittbitches.

I've been following her for like six months and she never acknowledges my @'s. As soon as I unfollowed her she started following me. What a twittbitch.
by lordofthetwittbitches May 17, 2011
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