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twittering while taking a dump, sometimes about the dump itself
i'm going to take a twitshit now, brb
by poptix June 30, 2009
7 1
1) Useless and uninteresting tweets about something nobody cares about, most probably the result of the overexcessive use of Twitter.

2) A large amount of tweets in a short period of time.

3) An unreadable tweet, probably due to textspeak.
1) Kim just tweeted: "getting out of bed". What a bunch of twitshit!

2) Damn, she just posted like 15 tweets in 45 minutes! She always postes twitshit like that

3) m1k3137: "cr@z7, 1 kn0 r1gh5??"
paul87: @m1k3137, twitshit!
by lifeislikeadicegame January 07, 2011
3 1
A twitshit is where you take a crap and when you're done you twitpic the result.
1. This curry is going to lead to a beautiful twitshit.

2. Check out this twitshit I just did on my neighbours porch! (url)

3. I'll be out in a sec, just taking a quick twitshit. It's too good to simply flush!
by Mellow Bob October 07, 2009
1 0
An annoying stupid lame postings on twitter, much like a irritating scuttlebutt except this one is brought into your home over broadband.
Aparently @wasteofspace just bought milk, what a load of twitshit
by invalidrecord July 06, 2009
3 2