The paper-wrapped wire used to close the plastic bag around a loaf of bread.
Hey, I can't find the twisty thing. This bread is gonna get stale.
by KrW September 07, 2005
Top Definition
the "twisty thing" is an act preformed during a blow job in which the mouth, which is working on the head, moves in the opposite direction of the hand that is also working the shaft.
Ira did the twisty thing for a hour and a half ... it was excellent, I think he is going platinum.
by desagy November 29, 2003

An agglomeration of flavouring powder that may collect in a solid mass during the manufacturing of a snack product and be found in the bottom of the snack's packet. These masses are especially common in the manufacture of the cheese snack known as 'Twisties'. They may be considered a sign of good luck to come.
Person 1: Whoa my god! I found a twisty thing in my chips!
Person 2: What flavour?
Person 1: Barbecue
Person 2: Don't eat it then. Varnish and mount it, dude!
by Snarfevs December 01, 2003
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