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Someone who is majorly addicted to Twilight. Twilightaholics are mostly girls but some guys age 8-25. They watch, read, and talk about twilight whenever they can and need help with their addiction. They also get offended easily if someone says something bad about Twilight. People with this addiction cannot stop thinking about Edward Cullen or Jacob Black and don't get the fact that they are fictional characters that they will never get to marry.
Britney: Whoa why do u have that huge bruise?
Jessica: Sarah punched me when I said that Twilight wasn't that good.
Sarah: I love twilight, maybe Edward will turn me into a vampire too! OH MY GOSH HAVE YOU SEEN NEW MOON? Jacob is so hot!
Britney: Sarah you are a Twilightaholic!
by TheInfamousAndCrazyChick November 28, 2009
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