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basing your life surround the 'Twilight' series.

"Having a twilife."
*any sort of twilife tatoos.
*mistakengly calling your boyfriend 'Edward Cullen'
*defending the novel on a daily basis
*waking up in a cold sweat from dreaming of becoming a vampire
*having read the series more than 5 times
*owning mulitiple twilight memorabilia
by antitwilight July 09, 2009
A name given to those who spend their mornings planning out how they will incorporate their love for Twilight into their day, then spend the evenings re-reading and re-watching the book series/movie. They drink koolaid (blood-colored) for breakfast and wear their amber-colored contacts while they sleep in hopes of seeing Edward Cullen in their dreams. And yes, even boys can live a twilife.
Pranav Mehta: So today I totally like read the entire Twilight series - even though I read it 18 times already. While doing this, I had, like, my meals with a Twilight fork. In the morning I had red koolaid with Bella-O's and Edward-stamped toast. After my long day I went to bed in my, like, tight-fitting Twilight shirt that was little girl size. I laid my head upon a pillow showing Bella and Edward kissing. I had a wet dream, like, about Edward.
Dakota: Damn, douche, you're living a twilife.
by HiiiaslPLZiloveu November 03, 2009
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