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A guy who reads the Twilights book series: romance/horror novels that chronicle the life of a young girl who falls in love with a vampire. Most fans of these books are girls.
Mike is so masculine I can't believe that he has become a twiguy.
by xunzx February 18, 2008
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A male is usually bi or gay that is obsessed with the Twilight franchise who never admits who he is an addict to Twilight but you can easily tell.
1. "God, Becky look a Chase he's such a twi guy. You haven't seen his locker yet have you?
by theaterstarxox March 27, 2009
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is a male who enjoyes "twilight", he is offten made fun of, or is offten a homo sexuale. they have read all the books and have posters of all the male characters( edward and jacob) on there walls.
dude#1-" wait your reading a twilight book, what an outrage"

twiguy- " yeah big deal"

dude#1- "oh you must be a "twiguy" i understand"
by ckg101 July 19, 2009
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A human male that enjoys the Twilight series of novels. A lot.

See also: gay fucking faggot who's also a homosexual.
Wendy: He's pretty cute.
Katie: Forget it, he's a twiguy.
Wendy: God damn it, why are all the good ones married or gay?
by Fake-Name March 23, 2011
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