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A Twitter fight. Invented by Andy_Winehouse of Fafarazzi.
Mrtini: @Toni OMG LOL GTFO
Andy: @Toni and @Mrtini are twighting and nobody cares...

Andy: Did you hear about Toni and Mrtini's twight last week? Toni wouldn't shut the fuck up about the rules of her game because Mrtini kept finding loopholes.
by shanut February 13, 2010
derogitory name for someone who is obsessed with twilight and needs to get a life
every teenage girl in america is a twight
by shotking07 June 30, 2010
when twins fight.
Katie: you stole my ipod with out asking
Kirsten: no I didn't!
Katie: yes you did! who else will steal it?
Kirsten & Katie : mooooooooom!?
mom: what is it?!
Katier & Kirsten: were jus having a twights.
by twinocdier December 27, 2009
mean twice as tight as you. that your double closer to someone or something then someone else.
Do you know her?

yeah were twight.
by sally gall August 21, 2010
twight:: (adjective) the african american slang word for "tight"
Jamal says to Shinequa: "Hey Shinequa you'ze got an ass twight like a twiga (pronounced in african american dialect tw-I-gg-A)"
by Harkeet Chadha May 09, 2007
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