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a skateboarder, usually a term used be fruit booters (bladers) as they dont get on.
"Twig", referring to the board being made of wood, and "flipping", referring to the tricks they perform.

derrogitry word, used as an insult mainly.
"stupid f**kin twig flippers clogging up the park"
by Nick Farrell July 12, 2006
a skateboarder who thinks hes bad by giving shit to rollerbladers when in reality hes not kool then he gets his ass beat by a bunch of rollerbladers and skateboarders
this twigflipper was givin us shit so we beat his ass and this skateboarder came we were gona kick his ass too until we say him smack the twigflipper with his board so hes cool wit us
by wildchild August 03, 2003
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