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1) awesome!

2) fabulous!

3) the shit!
1) that shirt is so twiffy!

2) his hair is so twif!

3) your kissing is twiffic!

person 1: "hey, did you see courtney's giant ass?"

person 2: "hell yeah, that is so not twiffy."

p1: "i know, that fat whore needs to go to fat camp."

p2: "... she did."
by John Handonmycockbitch August 24, 2009
A vagina! A fucking twat, pussy, fishing hole, muffin, Hoo-hoo Dilly, Slot-Jockey, Carpet of Life, or a "penis-so-small-it-goes-in."
She's got a stank twif, yo yo zomg.
by Rob Guigolo June 26, 2006