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The term twickle is a combination of "tickle and twat". This is an act that happens after a woman orgasms during intercourse with a man (usually in the missionary position). While his penis is still inside her vagina, he contracts his pubococcygeus muscles (aka pc muscle) and ends up tickling her. If done correctly (and multiple times) this will end up sending her in a fit of giggles.

The term originated in the summer of 2010.
He twickles me right when I'm trying to be all lovey-dovey with him!

Why do you always twickle me? Whhhyyyyyy?

He keeps on twickling me after we have sex, and I can't stop laughing!
#erotic tickle #twikl #sex #pc muscle #twat #penis
by Corky Andfoot September 24, 2010
To tweak-a-little.
I really think the design is going in the right direction so let's add in the final twickles today and send it off to the client tomorrow morning.
#change #tweak #update #modify #adjust #massage #tweeckle #tweakle
by Gregg619 January 24, 2011
A social media whore who follows people so that they will follow back and then after a few days unfollows so they look more interesting than they are.
Man! I've been following him for days and I don't care how much he benched at the gym, he twickled everyone into following his lame ass life.
#twitter #instagram #whore #falselypopular #annoying
by mgg August 19, 2014
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