A person who gets sexually aroused by sitting in a tub of water, farting and then eating the bubbles.
Mason's breath smells like shit because he's a little twerp.
by FRizzo August 23, 2005
a pregnant goldfish.
im not making this up.
i have spent too much money buying food for my twerp and her freaking children.
#twerpy #twerpalicious #fish #whore #pregnant
by SKAylor. July 12, 2006
kevin rudd
(prime minister of australia)
guy: omg
girl: what?
guy: kevin rudd is a twerp
girl: omg why?
guy: cos he farts in the bath and eats the bubbles!

#kevin rudd #kevin #rudd #twerp #labor #australia
by aussiedude January 27, 2008
(an additional definition)

Someone whose Tweets appear on your Twitter page even though you're not a "follower", or someone who appears on your Twitter "following" list even though you didn't subscribe to him.
I keep getting Twitter Tweets from that pesky twerp Kevin Spacey!
#twitter #tweet #following #pest #pesky #spam
by Larry8811 July 24, 2009
The word twerp has been classified as both parliamentary and unparliamentary language.

In 1956, the Speaker at the House of Commons ruled it an order because he assumed "it was a sort of technical term of the aviation industry".

It was later classified as unacceptable
"You are an absolute twerp!!"

what u mean that i am involved in the aviation industry??

No i am suggesting that your behaviour is absolutely unacceptable!!!
#twerp #unacceptable #idiot #parliamentary language #unparliamentary language
by Tom Elgie June 16, 2006
slang meaning: To fuck

"I was twerpin dat hoe last night"

"Niggaz be twerpin"
#twerp #twerrp #twerpe #twirp #terp #island
by Mad Twerpin March 16, 2009
The process of licking and synthesizing a female's clitoris; eating out the pussy.
Whistle while you twerp.
by Jack MeHoff January 28, 2005
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