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What Miley Cyrus has eaten every Thanksgiving of her life. Eating TWERKy causes one to jiggle their buttcheeks together in celebration and thanks.
This Thanksgiving Mom had too much TWERKy and now she is dancing like Miley Cyrus on the kitchen table.

I had some TWERKy and gravy for dinner and then I vigorously clapped my butt-cheeks all night long!

Everyone loves TWERKy for Thanksgiving!
by JRuthless November 28, 2013
-dancing,shaking your butt
You wannn go outt to da club?

hell yea all twerkies
by nerrddie kidddd April 28, 2009
Softly dancing the twerk to let someone know you are horny or want to have sex.
Boy comes up to girl and does a little booty bounce or a small twerking motion, hence this is a signal that it's "twerky" time.
by Vidaurri25 September 01, 2013
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