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ridiculously, delusionally, hopelessly, laughably old-school, out-of-touch, short-sighted, stupid, or otherwise painfully and obviously ignorant of the realities of life in the 21st century. from 'twentieth century.'
hundreds of 12-year olds are getting rich on ebay every week and my parents are locked into this hideously twen-cen vision of a daughter with a college degree, a suit, and a 9 to 5.
by phototropik September 24, 2006

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A reference to indicate that something is out-of-date or old-fashioned. TwenCen is an abbreviated way of saying Twentieth Century.
Your landline is so TwenCen!
by MrMxyzptlk June 03, 2009
Twentieth Century
"Landlines are so TwenCen."
by senorlovedaddy June 03, 2009
Twentieth Century
Your phone is so TwenCen
by kako taro June 03, 2009