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ridiculously, delusionally, hopelessly, laughably old-school, out-of-touch, short-sighted, stupid, or otherwise painfully and obviously ignorant of the realities of life in the 21st century. from 'twentieth century.'
hundreds of 12-year olds are getting rich on ebay every week and my parents are locked into this hideously twen-cen vision of a daughter with a college degree, a suit, and a 9 to 5.
by phototropik September 24, 2006
"quod google," Latin for "which google." Variant of q.v., "quod vide," Latin for "which see." Used after a term or phrase about which the author cannot be bothered, due to constraints imposed by time, space, or sloth, to elaborate, and which confused or curious readers should google to obtain more information.

Usage note: q.g. should generally be used for terms or phrases for which the Wikipedia entry is nonexistent or insufficient; in those cases q.w. ("quod wikipedia," wherein the noundom of "wikipedia," like "google," becomes bastardized into verbdom) may be more appropriate. Similarly, slang terms may be most appropriately followed by q.ud. ("quod urbandictionary") rather than q.g.; videos may be most appropriately followed by q.yt. ("quod youtube"), etc.
Eben Moglen's Plone 2006 keynote address (q.g.) is fucking badass.

Charlie the Unicorn (q.yt.) gives me nightmares.
by phototropik December 27, 2006

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