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Emos that are tweens.

Characteristics: Dyed hair, tight clothing, HANGING IN LARGE GROUPS. Boy twemos are typically very girlish in how they look (they wear eye makeup).
Always have one cigarette, never a pack. They are often seen waiting around for their parents to come and pick them up in their big SUV's and take them to their nice suburban county homes. They write bad poetry. Often complain about their privileged life, act poor.
Person 1: hey look at those tweens waiting for their parents to pick them up, they look like emos.
Person 2: You mean TWEMOS.
by 314 January 20, 2008
Two twin siblings that are both emo
"hey did you see the smith sisters?"

"oh ya the twemos"
by bossy like rick rossy February 10, 2009
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