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A play by William Shakespeare involving a drunk guy, a pirate, a girl pretending to be a eunuch, another girl who has a thing for eunuchs, an idiot, a stuck-up puritan, and an emo clown. It contains lesbian and gay undertones and has some sweet insults. Best thing ever.
"If music be the food of love, play on!" - Twelfth night, I.i
by Romanshoes September 01, 2007
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The worst play written by Bill Shakespeare. Rushed and generally boring from start to finish - anyone having to perform this drivel will surely kill themselves.
Lecturer: We'll be performing Twelfth Night in three weeks time...
*Students make a little effort to read it (because none have even looked at this demi-play before), but only get to the end of act one because it's so dull and unfunny*
Student 1: Group suicide?
All students: Sure.

by TCC - 2011 February 02, 2011

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