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An acronym describing the "That was easy game," Created by Mr. Delvecchio, in which you have 2 or more people rush towards the red staples button. First one to push it gets to answer the trivia question and receive points. Repeat process for each question asked. Can be used as a noun and a verb.
Noun- "Who's ready to play tweg?"
verb- "Lets tweg it!"
by Richard Amann December 03, 2007
pronounced "tee-weg"
A game invented to test your knowledge on a computer-related subject.
Lock and swivel, it's time for TWEG
by Nick Heigl February 11, 2009
Stands for the welsh English girl
Ur goin out with that bitch tweg!
by Super to the Man April 26, 2009
Stands for That Was Easy Game created by Business teacher to enforce learning. Rules:
Staples "That Was Easy Button" is placed on table
Groups are formed
Each round, one groups member from each goes up
Question asked
Bloody battle to button ensues
First to hit button answers question
If answer is incorrect, points lost
If answer is correct, points gained
Study the packet and then we'll have a round of TWEG
by Misa-Misa November 29, 2007

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