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The act of texting with unsolicited Twitter-type "checking in" updates of what the person is doing, usually from someone you're casually dating (or less) and about an activity you don't really care about.
Shawn's tweexting again saying he played "only an okay game" of golf today... as if I was sitting on the edge of my seat all day waiting to hear about his golf game.
by bjo22 August 12, 2009
Verb: To express yourself verbally in the midst of sex...... staying at or under 140 characters in length.
Example of tweexting

"@Girlfriend. Yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh baby! You're so sexy! You have such a hot body and I'm going to do you so hard you're gon"........ (Sent from my twitter)

Quoted phrase ends at 140 characters
by dkaiju April 28, 2010
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