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Adjective or Noun; A person who is addicted to twitter. They tweet about 25 times a day and try to get as many followers as possible. Some may ask why they want all of these followers, but there is no figuring out a tweet-a-holic.
Miley Cyrus is a tweet-a-holic. Everytime I log into Twitter I see her face.
by theownzor June 06, 2009
7 1
A person who is addicted to tweeting usually wanting to tweet about anything just to feel relieved.
An example of a tweetaholic would be a tweet like this "Tying my shoelaces." I mean does anyone really care?
by Tweetishea July 29, 2009
17 2
1. Someone who is addicted to Twitter.

2. Someone who apparently drinks something called "tweet". (that is most likely non existent)

3. xBaileyPaige on twitter.
Bailes you been tweetin' a lot homes, chill with the twitter updates or yo become a tweetaholic!
by xBaileyPaige August 10, 2009
2 1