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A Boy with only 1 working nut and a small penis!
my friend james who is a twee and is sitting right next to me in are ICT Lesson and does not know am using him as an example of a twee!! lol
by pecks2005 December 14, 2005
22 312
The shit that hangs off a sheep's ass, also used as an insult.
Stop messing up my drawings, you twee!
by Marissa222 July 15, 2006
22 315
The phonetic spelling of how a person from Haiti pronounces the English number three. The location where you will most likely here this is in Little Haiti, FL.
Jean-Baptiste - "I got into accident car.."

Claims Adjuster - "You mean a CAR ACCIDENT?"

Jean-Baptiste - "Yea.."

Claims Adjuster - "Did you have any passengers with you?"

Jean-Baptiste - "Yea.. my brother, my sister, my friend Pierre Jean, my wife, and my twee kids.."

Claims-Adjuster - "I'm sorry sir, your what children?"

Jean-Baptiste - "My kids!! I have TWEE OF DEM!!!"
by Lucidly Dreaming November 01, 2006
41 339